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About Us


Powerhouse Convention & Exhibition Limited
Add: Rua Evora No.455 20 Andra G20 Edif.Rayal Ascoy,Taipa,Macau S.A.R.China

Tel: 00853-62180663   0086-15344880663  13702323343

E-mail: cai.powerhouse@gmail.com
QQ: 785155234

Wechat: Todd_Cai

Website: www.powerhousece.com


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About Us

    Powerhouse Convention & Exhibition Limited is a focus on the exhibition market, providing exhibition  service providers with specialized organization, team and service mode for group customers.

"Dedicated, professional, meticulous, innovation" is the core idea of exhibition has been adhering to pack good, after years of development, pack good exhibition has developed into the most professional in Macau business, conference, tourism cooperation partners. Package good exhibition dedicated to exhibition market segments, the successful organization of a number of large-scale projects and groups, to create value for customers, growth, together with customers to become customers valuable partner is the package good exhibition unremittingly belief.

Powerhouse Convention & Exhibition Limited