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Macau Survey

A survey of Macao

Macao (Macau), people's Republic of China Macao special administrative region. Chinese Guangdong Zhuhai north, West and Zhuhai City Wan Chai and Hengqin to look, East and Hongkong across the sea, 60 km apart, south of the South Chinese sea.

In 1553, the Portuguese made Macao the right to live, and this turned into colonies. After 400 years of European civilization baptism, the integration of East West cultural coexistence and make Macao become a unique feature of the city, left a lot of historical and cultural heritage. The history of Macao city to become the official UN World Cultural Heritage in July 15, 2005 [1]. In December 20, 1999 China government resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Macao. After the return of Macao to China, rapid economic growth, more prosperous than in the past, is a successful example of one of the.

Macao is an international free port, is one of the areas with the highest population density in the world, is also one of the four major casino world. The famous light industry, tourism, hotel industry and entertainment field made Macao prosperous, become one of the world's most developed, wealthy area.

International rankings

With the Macao international status is rising rapidly, some international rating agencies such as the world situation will bring Macao into the list of statistics, the following are some of Macao's international ranking.

The development of global economic rankings

2011 - the global economic freedom - 19

In 2008 was named by GaWC as "for development" of the city, with Jerusalem, Genoa, Turin, Marseille, Liverpool, Strasbourg, Saline Lake City, Seville and Tijuana at the same level.

GDP- global ninety-eighth (2011)

The per capita GDP - (PPP) - Global fourth (2009)

- clean index - Global forty-sixth clean (5.12011 years)

- unemployment - Global tenth low (1.9%, 2012)

- working overtime rate - the world's fourth (39.1%)

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