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Macau Survey

Overview of the economy

Macao is the miniature of island economy, economy of scale can be avoided by the free market, resources and structure of the limit, but is still a member of Asia Pacific region's most vibrant economic.

With the development of gambling and lottery tourism industry growth continued in 2004, the Australian real economic growth rate reached 28%, at current prices, in 2004 the annual GDP of 82690000000 yuan in Macao. The per capita GDP of 180965 yuan in Macao, the equivalent of $22620, such as Hongkong 97%.

GDP by 2004 years high speed growth, the growth rate for 2005 years was back to normal students, following the substantial growth of any 8.6% of the first season, the second season recorded a growth of 8.2%.

Although Macao's economic scale is not large, but is open and flexible, occupies a unique position in the regional economy. Traditionally, Macao's economy is export-oriented, transformation in industry to adapt to the new era at the same time, the export of services accounted for the proportion of overall economy in Macao becomes more and more large.

Macao is one of the China two international trade free port, free import and export of goods, funds, foreign exchange, personnel. The establishment of the SAR government, to maintain and improve the free market economic system as the main line of economic policy, create a recognition by the international community, free and open, fair competition and the rule of law and strict market environment, to ensure that the economic system without interference and influence.

In 2001 March, the World Trade Organization of Macao once every 6 years the trade policy review, in the report on Macao to comply with the rules of the world trade organization to be sure, pointed out that since the establishment of the normal operation of special zone economy, Macao is still one of the world's trade and investment policy is the most free and open area.

The government is committed to strengthening the foreign economic cooperation, using its own unique advantages, gradually developed into the western Pearl River Delta regional service center, at the same time, to play the Australian and the Asia Pacific region, the European Union, Latin countries, especially with the advantages of the Portuguese speaking countries traditional contact bridge, take on better economic cooperation with these countries and area.

The general policy direction of the SAR government economy is: grasp the opportunities, create favorable environment for the growth of high quality, enhance the Australian competition advantage, the promotion of regional economic cooperation, encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the adjustment of economic structure and economic transformation, enhance the stability of leading industry, traditional industry, support for the emerging industry, accelerate the pace of economic recovery, maintain and consolidate the Australian economic development momentum, to lay a solid foundation for the long-term healthy and stable development of the Australian economy.

Tourism and gambling industry

Tourism industry is one of the main economic power of Macao, including the Macao as the largest source of direct taxes in the gaming industry, and other such as hotel, catering, retail and other industries, is very important to promote the economic development of Macao.

The rapid development of tourism and service industry in Macao is the most important source of foreign exchange, since 90 time, Macao tourism industry entered a stage of vigorous development, since 1992, the tourism revenue has exceeded the value of export. The establishment of the SAR government, the pace of the development of the tourism industry more quickly.

The first half of 2005, the total number of passengers more than 8920000 people, compared with the same period in 2004 increased more than 15.4%. Visit the largest passenger three markets respectively is the mainland (4990000), Hongkong (2650000) and Taiwan (744000). As of the end of 2005 6, the hotel industry can supply rooms with a total of 10571, the average occupancy rate for the first half of 66.48%.

The second quarter of 2005 to Australia 'average customer your stay 1 days, per capita consumption of 1334 yuan ($166.75), compared to the same period 2004 years fell 12%, of which domestic travel guest consumption is highest, up to 2856 yuan ($357).

In 2004 the annual passenger entry total more than 16670000 passengers, 11890000 passengers in 2003 compared with an increase of more than 40.3%.

In the past ten years, the proportion of the gaming industry in the industrial structure in Macao has been maintained at around 30%, after the establishment of the SAR, order and stability, the gaming industry also picked up the stable growth, to 2002 rose to Macao overall industry 33.3%.

The first half of 2005, the Macao gaming industry recorded a 22570000000 Macao dollars (US $2820000000) of gross income, equal to about the same period in the city of Las Vegas gaming revenues ($3720000000) in 75.8%, payment of direct taxes nearly 8520000000 Macao dollars (US $1070000000).



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